Océane Moussé

There are 6 drawings.

Océane Moussé was born in 1980, she lives and works in Toulouse and Berlin
Graduated from the arts University of Toulouse, France
Artistic practices: drawing, video, installation
Personal website.

Main exhibitions:

Kunstforum Markert, Gesang der Dünen, Hamburg, Germany
Atelier am Eck, Take it easy, Düsseldorf, Germany
Art Center Arts Santa Monica, Pyrenees, Art and Ecology in the XXI century, Barcelona, Spain
St. Catherine gallery, a minute or two, Rodez, France
Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing "Drawing Now", Bertrand Grimont Gallery, Paris, France
GHP Gallery, TOUT FLUX, Toulouse, France
Able kulturverein, Clin d'oeil, Berlin, Germany